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Canola Recipes

Cooking with canolaCanola Oil is excellent for cooking! Canola oil is a top-notch salad oil with its light color and texture. The mild flavor of canola oil complements the wonderful taste of fresh herbs and spices in a home-made vinaigrettes, flavored oils and marinades.

Canola oils’ high smoke-point makes it ideal for fonduing, stir-frying and deep fat frying. Research indicates oil drains more thoroughly than melted shortening, leaving foods 5 to 10 percent lower in calories than the same foods fried in melted shortening.

Baking with canola oil helps reduce saturated fatty acid-intake. Substituting canola oil for butter, lard or brick margarine replaces fats high in saturated fatty acids with an oil which has the lowest level of saturated fatty acids. Substituting oil for solid fats also reduces the quantity of fat used by 20 percent which in turn reduces total fat-intake!


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