Daily Cash Prices

Arrive to BidADM VelvaChangeBunge AltonaChangeADM EnderlinChangeCargill West FargoChangeCHS HallockChange
Oct15.82↓ 1016.41↑ 1----16.75↑ 1516.19↓ 11
Nov15.82↓ 1016.74↑ 2----16.55↓ 1016.40↓ 11
Dec15.94↓ 1116.92↑ 1----16.55unch16.68↓ 10
Jan'1915.94↓ 1117.00↑ 1----16.65unch16.82↓ 10
Feb'19----17.27↑ 3----16.80↑ 517.07↓ 9
Mar'19----17.31↑ 2----16.80↑ 517.18↓ 9
Updated: 10/22/18 | Dump Hours: ADM Velva  Mon – Fri: 7am – 7pm, Sat & Sun: Closed| Bunge Altona Mon – Fri: 7am – 7pm| ADM Enderlin *CLOSED*| Cargill West Fargo Mon: 7am – 10pm Fri: 7am – 10pm Sat: 7am – 7pm| CHS Hallock Mon – Fri: 6am – 8pm, Closed Friday, Oct. 19th*|

Recent News

USDA October Crop Report Shows Record Canola Production

October 11, 2018 - The first production forecast for 2018 is 3.62 billion pounds, up 16 percent from the 2017 production of 3.12 billion pounds. If realized, this will be the largest production on record for the United States. Area planted, at 1.99 million acres, is down 3 percent from the June estimate and down 4 percent from last… Learn more »


August 31, 2018 - Canola growers are strongly encouraged to scout canola fields for clubroot; particularly growers in Cavalier County. In North Dakota, confirmation of clubroot has been limited to few localized fields in Cavalier County. However, clubroot likely occurs in more fields than currently detected and favorable conditions for disease development and symptom expression at the end of… Learn more »

NCGA Requests Canola Be Included in Aid Package

August 3, 2018 - The Northern Canola Growers Association has sent in a request to the North Dakota delegation that canola be included as an eligible commodity under the proposed $12 Billion Aid Package that was announced recently by USDA Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue.  Canola prices have dropped significantly recently along with soybeans in reaction to the trade dispute… Learn more »


August 3, 2018 - The summer population of flea beetles has emerged in large numbers this year. Flea beetles are being observed in maturing canola fields (North Central ND; Source: Brady Schmaltz, Arthur Companies), Brassicas crops being used as cover crops (i.e., radishes) and in backyard gardens. For canola, there is no established Economic Threshold for flea beetle feeding… Learn more »

Mission Statement

CanolaPlantThe mission of the Northern Canola Growers Association is to promote and encourage the establishment and maintenance of conditions favorable to the production, marketing, processing, research, and use of canola. To promote efficient production through farmer education, public and private research, labeling and registration of crop protection products; to promote uniform seed and product standards; and to work to develop and implement agriculture policies that will enhance development of the industry.