Tuesday, June 27th, is Canola Day at the North Central Research Center in Minot! The Northern Canola Growers Association, in conjunction with the North Central Research Extension Center in Minot will be hosting a canola research tour on June 27th, in Minot.

The tour begins at 9:00 a.m. and will conclude by noon.  A major focus will be on canola harvesting with emphasis on straight cutting, minimizing harvest loss, and residue management.  Several manufacturers will demo and discuss the latest in combine equipment and technology.  Other topics include canola seed singulation, crop rotation with canola and soybean, soil fertility, and pest management.  Again, the canola tour starts on Tuesday, June 27 at 9 am and ends with a complimentary noon lunch. 

Be sure to attend the Northern Canola Growers Association Summer Tour!

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Last Modified: July 12, 2017