Articles for June 2015

NCGA Board Meeting in Minot – June 29th, 2015

Join the Northern Canola Growers Association’s Staff and Board of Directors at our upcoming Board Meeting on Monday, June 29th in Minot, ND.

The Board Meeting will be held at the Sleep Inn in Minot, ND and will begin at 6:30pm.

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Sclerotinia Risk Map and Risk Calculator Now Active

On June 19th the Sclerotinia risk map and calculator ( became active for the 2015 season. Both the map and calculator were designed to help growers determine if environmental conditions are favorable enough for white mold that a fungicide application is warranted. The risk map and risk calculator are only applicable when canola is in bloom. The user-friendly tools were developed by canola pathologist Luis del Rio at NDSU with funding from the Northern Canola Growers Association.
How they work. Once canola begins to bloom it becomes susceptible to infection. Canola petals are colonized by Sclerotinia ascospores, infection will spread to healthy green tissue and eventually, large yield-robbing lesions will develop on the stem and branches (Figure 1). However, infection only occurs if conditions are favorable; adequate rainfall before flowering and cool to moderate temperatures with long wet periods during flowering will promote infection.
The Sclerotinia risk map is created from weather data collected from NDAWN weather stations to determine if conditions are favorable for white mold. Green, yellow and red areas signify areas of low, medium and high risk, respectively.
The Sclerotinia risk calculator uses the same data collected from NDAWN, but also takes into account additional data that grower can enter into the site. The additional data adds personalization and precision to Sclerotinia risk forecasts and is especially helpful when fields are in areas of intermediate risk.
Two words of caution. First, canola is only at risk during flowering and consequently the Risk Map and Calculator are only applicable during flowering. Secondly, the maps are only as good as the data received from NDAWN. If you know that your fields have had more (or less) rain than the nearby station your risk may be higher (or lower).

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Annual Canola Research Tour

Join us on Tuesday, June 30th, 2015 at the North Central Research Extension Center in Minot, North Dakota from 9am to 12pm.

Topics that will be discussed:

Insect control (flea beetles, cutworms, diamondback moth, bertha armyworm)

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Register For NCGA’s Annual Golf Tournament!

Be sure to register for the Northern Canola Growers Association Golf Tournament to be held July 16th, 2015 at the Langdon Country Club. Registration for the 4-man best ball tournament is $50/player or $200/team. You may register individually and be placed on a team or register a complete team. The registration fee includes 9 holes of golf, a cart to be shared with one of your teammates, refreshments, and supper at the club house. Many prizes will be awarded. Registration for the Langdon tournament is limited to the first 120 players, so register early! This tournament is made possible by the support of our industry sponsors.

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